Industrial mixers

Industrial mixers for mixing granules of various sizes, intended for industrial, agricultural or food processing purposes. Also available with stainless steel drum. Customizable capacity.

The reversing drum mixer consists of a cylindrical/conic shape drum with horizontal or slightly inclined axis, with inlet and outlet mouths or with a single mouth for both functions.
This mixing system is known for the extremely low maintenance and operating costs, as well as for its great mixing effect.
It can mix dry or wet material. In any case, the secret to a perfect mixing is essentially the shape and layout of the blades into the drum.
The rotation can be controlled electrically or hydraulically and the direction can be reversed, so that in one direction the materials are charged and mixed; once they are sufficiently mixed the rotation of the drum is reversed and the blade arrangement pushes them through to the discharge end of the mixer.
The know-how of this type of mixers comes from the construction sector, in particular from the mixing technique of concrete, that is a mixture of fluid materials (water and additives), powdery materials (cement and other cementing materials) and granular materials (sand, gravel). That’s why a reversing drum can accurately mix and easily discharge:
• different kinds of heterogeneous mixtures;
• materials with different textures (powdery or solid, dry or wet) and granulometry;
• materials with different kinds of specific weight, such as plastic, rubber, glass, chemicals, synthetic materials, food or agricultural materials, etc..
The mixer can be made of carbon steel (S 275 JR) or using stainless steel (AISI 304/316) for those parts that come into contact with the materials to be mixed.
There are two main configurations:
1) drum with horizontal axis (with inlet and outlet mouths or with a single mouth for both functions), resting on rubber wheels;
2) drum with slightly inclined axis (with a single mouth for inlet and outlet), rotated by a gear motor ; the drum is tilted hydraulically, in order to discharge all the mixture.
MEV can design and produce this kind of mixers with a wide range of capacities, from 500 liters to 10 m³.
Our industrial mixers are usually provided with:
• systems to facilitate the introduction of the material to be handled, such as charge chutes or hoppers;
• systems to facilitate the discharge of the mixed materials, such as conveyors or chutes;
• control panel;
• security fencing.
Our Engineering Team can customize the mixer and satisfy all our customers’ needs.